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AGK provides a wide range of soundproofing, dampening and acoustic engineering support on structures from studios, halls and cinema complexes, all the way to personal spaces such as homes piano rooms and drum rooms. We also offer factory noise reduction, soundproof room construction, electromagnetic shielding, construction using the high grade polyurethane dampening materials Sylodyn and Sylomer, and soundproofing walls. We keep sound, vibrations and electromagnetic waves in check in order to make a better environment for everyone.

Theater / Hall
Music hall Convention
Multipurpos Live house
Music studio Movie studio
Cinema complex) Preview room
School Vocational training center
Gymnasium Training center
Classroom Music room
Hotel Fitness gym
Sound examination room
Soundproof room Reverberation room
Anechoic room  
Mechanized Parking System
Electromagnetic shield
Electromagnetic shield Magnetic shield  
Vibration insulation and floating floor
Sylomer Sylodyn
Sylomer Block Grass wool Sylomer Damper
Sylomer Sports Floor System Machine Vibration Dampening
Double Floor Soundproofing Underground Building Dampening
Roof Machinery Dampening  
Soundproofing Fittings
Soundproof door  
Sound Measurement
Sound Insulation Measurment / Testing Floor Impact Sound Measurement
Reverberation Time Measurement Noise Measurement
Factory soundproofing Acoustical testing
Soundproofing wall system
Acoustic consultant Acoustic simulation
AGK Soundproofing wall system